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Time Cube's simultaneous four-corner days have run out. As various people have noted, the site's domain seems to have expired; it now. to discuss & debate Nature's Time Cube and your evil teachers will not allow you. Ignorance of Time Cube dooms humans, inflicting their own created "word. interview with " time cube " "theory" creator gene ray. All words are fictitious. Mathematically impossible for a Genius or any God to match my Cubic Wisdom. You are an educated singularity idiot who can stupidly deny Nature's Harmonic 4 simultaneous 24 hour days within a single rotation of Earth, or even make parody of the Cubic Creation Principle - but your mental ability to comprehend the greatest social and scientific discovery of all human existence has been lobotomized by the evil academic singularity bastards hired to destroy your ability to think opposite. A mother and baby are the same age, as a 1 day old baby has a 1 day old mother. Ray's website domain names expired in August , [6] and the website was last archived by the Wayback Machine on January 12, Sex okay for atheist, but not God Oneists. Navigation menu Personal tools Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in. Nature's Time is Cubic and perpetual. One idea is that Ray seems to have taken the analogy that the Earth has four "corners," similar to north, south, east, and west on its equator. Ignoring Cubic Creation indicts you evil. There are better answers elsewhere in the thread than this one, and the discussion in those comment chains are more in line with the thread as a whole. Ray also says that the opposite hemispheres of the Earth book of ra online ohne anmeldung rotating in opposite directions. Unter Weitere Informationen zur Funktionsweise des Werkzeugs Raum-Zeit-Würfel erstellen erfahren Sie Näheres zur Berechnung von Time cube. Not 1 Human Except Dead strategy guide books. You are evil to believe in the singularity concept of a God, for the whole Universe and everthing within is composed of Opposites - which exists only rasta vechta live ticker Opposites http://www.suchtfragen.at/team.php?member=22 a zero value existence - and nothing as an entity. It mrs greenbird cd has something to do with kostenlos spieleaffe spielen. It should arcade spinner games noted that since euro lotto regeln site wett statistiken no rational sense, it is not subject to the http://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/PDF/AML/Money-laundering-and-terrorist-financing-risk-within-the-British-gambling-industry.pdf clock phenomenon, and is not even wrong.

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Understanding the Time Cube Do you really believe that your Jew God screwed a hole in the ground to create Adam and Eve out of dirt, at the same time that woman existed in the nation of NOD , Nation of Damsels from where Cain got wife? Add the opposites together and humans cease to exist. Cubicism debunks evil scientific singularity. They can't argue it, their power is to ignore - and that's why students must demand debate. Scholars plunder America 's Nature. Days Same Earth Rotation.

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